Tuesday, August 18, 2015

“Help! My New Window Replacement is Fogging Up My View! What Do I Do?”

Perhaps some of you have heard of the phrase “new is not always better”. Technology can have certain drawbacks, and one of these is window condensation. This is especially true for people who have weather stripping windows, which keeps the cold air out and the warm air in. These types of windows are great for keeping you warm during winter, or cool during summer, but are not well suited for view watching. The first thing you need to know is that fog in windows is caused by condensation. Your windows are more likely to fog up if there is a big difference between outside and inside temperature in your home. New replacement windows are of course tightly sealed and insulated to keep your home comfortable during extremely hot or cool weather.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

“Knock, Knock. Is That You, Luck?” Some Door Traditions to Consider

In multiple cultures and traditions, doors are regarded as special pathways due to their ability to “divide” spaces. This is why many beliefs revolve around doorways and the roles they play in a home. Amongst these long-running customs from all over the world, the more famous ones are related to the Oriental system of geomancy called “feng shui”. Here are some of these traditions: Doors in Good Condition – Your Carmel home must have a door that is in good condition. Squeaky and dirty doors are absolutely bad, not just for traditional reasons but for practical ones as well. If your current front door is dirty or discolored, give it a fresh coat of paint. If it’s squeaky, some grease might help. If it’s rusty and termite-infested, ask trusted home improvement stores like Franklin Window and Door to replace it for you.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Add Value to Your Log Cabin with the Right Windows in Indianapolis

Log cabins often carry that old-time charm and rustic appeal. Part of the charm includes seeing it decked out with windows. However, if the existing windows are in poor shape, setting the house up with new replacement windows may be necessary. All it takes is a great deal of thought in choosing, an article in Log Home Living magazine states. Some Indianapolis residents may have ideas about building and living in a home crafted from solid timbers. The annual Log & Timber Frame Show held recently at the Indiana State Pavilion is often a starting point for budding homeowners and current log cabin residents to improve their home ownership experience. When the upgrading work or renovation involves certain fixes or replacements to the windows, an established home improvement windows store in Indianapolis like Franklin Window and Door will have what you need

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Modern Storm Doors in Indianapolis for Home Aesthetics and Protection

Summer in Indianapolis is typically characterized by hot days, but some episodes of inclement weather may take place that often effect your house’s interior to a certain degree. On the bright side, summer is also a chance to bring in more natural light. When you’re in need of new storm doors that amp up your house in more ways than one, a company like Franklin Window and Door can help you out. All In Many storm doors come in pre-hung form; that is, the entire unit is already assembled before it goes up for installation. A complete pre-hung storm door will often include the panels, sill and threshold, door jambs, the pneumatic closer, and weather-stripping, among others. When testing a potential door, some signs of good quality to watch for, according to HomeTips.com, include a noticeable heft and flawless movement.